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Default Re: Bill Cowher: 8-8 won't trigger Steelers panic

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It's easy replacing first ballot HOF guys when they don't produce. You're absolutely right, we couldn't replace the Troy of old. Ya know, back when he contributed in 2010 but since then, he's been a shell of his former self. I'd rather have a 21 year old start all 16 games for around 850k then have a 31 year old start, miss 9 games and have a 10 million dollar cap hit. It'd be easier to swallow that pill if he contributed but sadly, he hasn't in a couple of years.

I'm sorry, he's just not the Troy we've all come to know and love anymore. He's not worth it anymore. Trade him to a team that doesn't know any better and we can continue the 'reload not rebuild' mantra.
I posted this in another thread, but maybe it belongs here...

Not to be argumentative, but trading Woodley actually makes just as much sense as trading Troy... if not more so.

Troy: 31
Woodley: 28
ADVANTAGE: Woodley... although not significantly younger (& Troy is in better physical shape).

Troy: when healthy, the best player at his position.
Woodley: when healthy, "one of" the best sack artists (and good against the run).

Troy: injured for two years, but came on at the end of last season (watch the Cincy game).
Woodley: was looking strong, and then got injured for the last part of that year & the next year.
ADVANTAGE: Equal... although, again, Troy is more physically fit... and looks closer to being "back" to his old self.


Troy: $7.1 million cap hit
Woodley: $7.2 million cap hit
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