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Default Re: Trib-Review Ranks Steelers SB Winners - 78 Team #1

Just for the record, Jim Clack had trouble maintaining weight at 220 lbs, consuming in mega amounts of food calories daily AND anobolic steroids. (ref "About Three Bricks Shy of a Load").

Steroids are more effective than today's supplements ( like deer antlers) at adding muscle mass, and they were not outlawed. Steroids also had a side benefit, roid rage.

I met Joe Greene in the National Record Mart at 5th and Liberty back in 1976, and thought he was the biggest person I'd ever seen, @ 6'4" & 270lbs.... Some of the guys today, are closing in on a 100lbs more and 4 inches taller. I don't think better food and training would have added another 50-70lbs and 4 inches to Greene's frame for him to play in today's game., certainly not at DT.

One other point, I'm not so sure that with these players playing at the weight they do, is conducive to maintaining proper joint and muscle health. They have built themselves up to the point where they are violating the laws of physics exceeding their engineering capacity, which is why we see all of these muscle pulls, tears and ligament issues.
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