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Default Re: Soloman Wilcotts is the first....

If this were true then we don't deserve to win another Super Bowl. I really don't get the hyperbole surrounding Jerome. The Bettis lovefest is over and done. Thank you Jerome. But it's over.

Between Hartings, Faneca, Ben and Hines there is plenty of freaking leadership on offense. I'm sure Hartings Faneca and Hines would agree that this is the year that Ben firmly takes control of the reigns in the huddle. Period. Or he's not all 'that'.

The hard and fast reality is that Jerome rushed for about 250 yards. If it were any other player in the league replacing that kind of production with someone who can go 16 games would be considered an upgrade...not the reason a team isn't going to the Super Bowl.

I hear alot of wishful thinking out there.
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