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Default Re: Who do you want to win?

Ravens for the win I don't really want the Ravens but thats who I would rather win for a few simple reasons,first I think if the Ravens lose Lewis WILL play another year,cause what player wants to end his carrer on a lost Super Bowl? second the Forty niners are cheaters just like the Ravens (wonder if it runs in the family) remember the mysterious stadium lights going out like three times in that night game in San Fran only when we got the ball? and three because they would have six rings and be undeafed in the Super bowls when we lost two super bowls, come on peeps swallow your pride, either way we didn't make the play-offs so the Ravens might as well make our Division look good and tough (which it is) Ohh and that Kaepernick or however his name is spelled needs to go down,who kisses there arm? he belongs in San Francisco if you know what I mean.

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