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Default Re: Trib-Review Ranks Steelers SB Winners - 78 Team #1

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
you make a fantastic point - I actually think due to the emergence of the passing game, we are going to see speedier, athletic, leaner guys on the defensive side of the ball - def a transition at what we're looking for on the D-line. Being taller with long arms is being sought over bulk and power. Now - that said, the taller guys are taller, and the faster guys are faster, and the hits are at higher speeds IMO - so yea, while we will see different body types now than in the past 10-20 seasons, there will be more damage just because of evolution, also - because the league is mandating less "football-ready" conditioning - aka if you aren't practicing taking a pounding as much before the season starts, you are seeing teams not being conditioned for it until later in the season.
Did anybody tell Ngata????? LOL!!!
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