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Originally Posted by Steel Glory View Post
Suisham had a good year, but we lost more than a few games by 3 points or less. Instead of punting from the 40 yard line I would rather be lining up for a fg. Almost everything over 50 yards was short for Suisham. Plus it helps special teams with touchbacks. Sturgis has quite the leg, and after watching Justin Tucker, Blair Walsh and Greg "the leg" Zuerlein, kick 50+ yard kicks like automatic, I can't help but think we could have gotten at least 2 more wins just from that. And with 2 more wins we would have been in the dance in January.
I concur... that was my thought for most of the season.

BUT... after the year that Suisham had, I simply do not see them drafting a kicker. Instead, I think that their focus will be on "breaking" past the 45 yard FG area (where they had to punt) into the 35 yard FG area (where Suisham can kick a FG). As in: converting one more third down, in order to get into "makable" FG range. [Likewise, I see them taking those drives that stalled at the 10, and converting those FGs into TDs.]

Anyways, in in the end, I agree about taking Sturgis. I had him mocked, in my mock in R5 or R6... and would gladly take him in R7 (if he's still there).
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