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Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
I don't think Moss is better than Rice, but he's WAY better than Hines Ward. I love Hines, but he's not on Moss's level.

Also, Moss is not a "cancer" on every team he's been on, you can argue he was for the Raiders but he certainly didn't hurt the Vikings or Patriots. Hell, he's been a decent role player for the 49ers this year.
As for not winning a SB, well, football is a team sport and a game where moments, a foot or an inch can have a huge impact. If the Patriots stopped Eli Manning on that last drive in 2007 he would have made a SB winning touchdown catch, capping off one of the best seasons by a WR... but he didn't, that doesn't diminish his individual accomplishments in my opinion.
I would place Ward over Moss. Moss was a quiter, and he was a quiter his entire career, hence my belief that he was a cancer on every team he played for.

I'd take the player that tries to win every game over a quiter and a cancer.

I get the opinion that Moss is better because he's more talented and you can do more with a player like that, but to me it's not worth it. Moss can have all of his stats, I'll take the guy who's going to break a linebackers jaw.
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