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Default Re: Goodell: Steelers’ game in London already sold out

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i don't like this either. London games, horrendous Pro Bowls.....
League needs to wake up.

On a positive note (if there is any), the Steelers get some good national coverage/publicity again. Problem is, over the last 2 years or so, whenever we play on national TV (Monday nights, Sunday nights, etc), our "zombie" team shows up looking like they just crawled out of bed - then proceed to get their asses kicked and embarrassed.
Hopefully the "good" team shows up this time?
This game doesn't mean national attention at all. They play it at 7pm in London, which is 1PM on the East coast. It will be a regular game shown in whatever markets it would normally be shown in.
The Steelers usually get their limit of national games anyway, which is 5.
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