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Default Re: Pittsburgh Sports Philosophy

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
The sad thing is the club is doing very well....., from the clubs perspective. The long term capital gain since McClatchy and Nutting's initial investment is nothing short of phenoninal. We should all be so fortunate that our 401ks grew this much.

That's why when I hear the words small market, we are broke, don't have the money, and the like, I go nuts. LOL!!! They have plenty of money, right down the streeet at PNC bank where loan officer would GLADLY lend them a $50-$100 mill or so to land some top level talent. With current attendance levels for a losing squad, can you imagine what revenue would be like with an actual competitive club.

The second thing they need to do, is to find broadcasters that can sell. Bob Prince had no peer in that regard. Some how, when the old Gunner said "Bases Loaded for the Great Roberto" there was an anticipation that good things were about to happen....Listening to Bob Walk at times is about as exciting as watching moss grow on a tree. Knowlegable, yes, passion, no.

. Maybe Prince was a little too good, his radiocasts were so enjoyable, so descriptive, I could visualize the game in my head, so why bother going to the game.

Anyway, I always enjoy talking about the Buccos with good fan like yourself. How long have you been at it?
I a youngin, in my mid-20s, Dave! haha I've been following the Pirates closely since PNC Park opened, but have been attending games since the mid-90s when my parents would take me to games at Three Rivers. I love the Buccos, win or lose, and it just kills me to see them lose every year. I anxiously await, and maybe foolishly believe they will finally have that winning season. But hey that's part of being a fan. Teams go through stretches of winning, the Pirates have definitely had their stretches and moments of success, but losing is part of the game too. IMO the real fans stick with a team regardless if they win or lose.

I agree about the spending, it's not like the Pirates are losing $. They make a decent profit every year. Problem is the owners don't spend it. And we all wonder why they don't do anything every year. Sad aspect if you ask me.

You're not a fan of the announcers, eh? They're OKAY. I miss Lanny Frattere, I thought he had a pretty good voice. Pretty knowledgeable about the game, had his phrases and cliches, and very informative during broadcasts.
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