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Default Re: Who do you want to win?

Proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day, Ron Cook writes a column with which I agree

It's hard to work up a good case of hate against the 49ers. Not so with the Ravens. There is Ray-Ray. There are the two or three ferocious hair-pulls every season with the Steelers. There is Ray-Ray. There is Terrell Suggs, who once claimed to "own Ben Roethlisberger's ass" on the football field. There is Ray-Ray ...

You get the idea.

What is there to hate about the 49ers? That they are coached by a Harbaugh? Well, you might have heard the Ravens also are coached by a Harbaugh. Talk about off-setting penalties....

If you still are having a hard time wrapping your arms around the 49ers winning because of that whole sixth Lombardi business, try looking at it this way. The confetti still will fall from the sky and stick to Lewis' sweaty face. But it won't be in his honor. It won't be in the Ravens' honor. And it won't feel wonderful.
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