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Default Re: Do We Take Barkley if He's Available?

Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
With this New NFL of the Spread teams and QB Option ... and rules that take away Defense on the WR ... I think White would be a beast, if he's like he was in WV

He's the best Read Option QB I've seen and like you said a Winner ... He usually kept it on the ground but in one of those 4 bowl wins I think he threw for over 300 yards too...

I would love to bring him in for Camp and see what he got
An an alumnus luncheon, my uncle walked up to his parents, shook the dad's hand, and said, "Please... have more children."

Bill Parcells agrees with you. When he saw Pat White play, he said that Pat is/was the perfect QB to run the read-option offense.

Alas, as wokeupwithawoodley alluded to (kudos, you beat me to the punchline): getting knocked out is the reason I'm not sold on Pat. Imagine Ryan Clark unloading on him... he might die!!! I'm not sure he'd last an entire season... but... if BB goes down for four games, Pat could last for four games (and, more importantly, Pat would likely go 3-1 in that stretch, because the kid is simply a winner).
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