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Default Re: Flacco to be looking for $20M !!

Big Ben below Flacco? Uh, yeah, that makes sense in fucking bizarro world. People keep heaping on the praise that Flacco won a playoff game in his first 5 seasons. Well, that's fantastic. I'm very, very happy for Joey. Ben won two Super Bowls in his first five years and thus earned his big paycheck that the Steelers gave to him.

Flacco is the definition of inconsistent and streaky. His key play is throw-it-and-pray-for-PI which doesn't scream 'elite' or '100 million dollars' to me. He's average with a ridiculous supporting cast including a top 5 RB and receivers with fantastic hands. When he plays against a great - nay, good - secondary he falls apart.

Saying that Ben, who had better stats in every single statistical category except yardage and that was only because he played 13 games, is some how below Flacco in terms of the Quarterback totem pole makes you look ridiculous. I know you're a Ravens fan and you're supporting your Quarterback, but that's like Steelers fans saying Dwyer and Redman are a better 1 - 2 punch than Rice and Pierce. Or, Wallace is a better receiver than AJ Green.

All of that might be besides the point, though, as Flacco is being selfish. He's asking for 20 / year when Reed is in his contract year and Lewis and Birk are both retiring. I'm sorry, who is going to replace their starting Center and ILB for next year? More to the point, who's going to replace Ed Reed in that secondary? Reed may have lost a step, but him and Troy are still in the top 3 for best Safeties in the league and if Ozzie does decide that Flacco is worth what he's asking, the Ravens are going to be fucked in terms of cap space. He's putting himself above the team right now and we've seen what happens when players - and more importantly, Quarterbacks - do that. Teams struggle.
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