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Default Re: Chad Brown calls Lewis overrated

Ray Lewis must be the best football player in the world, right?
Hardly. Lewis, who was the MVP of that Super Bowl in 2001, is retiring after this season, and you can argue it's a year or two late. He still racks up a bunch of tackles, but that's a lousy way to gauge a defensive player's effectiveness. He's a step or three slow and tends to drift in pass coverage. He's more an emotional leader than a defensive standout anymore. But mostly: He's a relentless self-promoter. He has perfected the art of getting cameras on him at all times, from every possible angle.

Didn't he kill a guy?
He was never convicted. He is the only person to be charged in the murder of Richard Loller in January 2000, but with obstruction of justice. Lewis isn't particularly fond of discussing the case, but note that the victim's family feels otherwise. Lewis, of course, has turned the crime into his own redemption narrative, the story of his journey to self-discovery.

Man, Ray Lewis is a dick.
He really is
. Oh, and don't ask him about deer-antler spray.
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