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Default Re: Draft Tek's latest mock

Originally Posted by AgentGold007 View Post
DraftTek changes their mock every few days. Mocks are a dime a dozen, I like seeing the different possibilities and possible scenario's that could land certain players within the Steelers reach. Your draft is cool, the only problems I have with it is this: we wouldn't see Elam or Thomas for two years as long as LeBeau is d-coordinator and has Clark and Troy at his disposal, I've also seen places that have Elam rated as a second rounder. If we were to trade back and get him I'd be cool with him, but if we're going to draft any safety in the first round I'd rather have Vaccaro. If we draft Minter in the first, he wouldn't have a veteran playing in front of him and would have a better chance of starting on day 1. When it comes to running back, I'd much rather have a three down back like Lacey. I'd rather draft a guard than a tackle, let Beachum backup tackle spots. Don't like that your draft waits too late to address the pass rusher, which is an immediate need if we lose Harrison.
Watching this SB is really changing my opinion
  • 1st round LBs are over valued ... They cannot cover , none of these LBs can cover these TEs and this depends on Spence Recovery which only the team knows and will know more about come draft time ... if his recovery is going good, you don't give up on him already
  • Watching these TEs burning these smaller safeties is making me really want David Amerson ... convert him to FS and if you decide to blitz he can absolutely cover these TEs ... His Stock feel because he had a couple tough games against Justin Hunter and Cordelle Paterson and DeAndre Hopkins, they are all 1st round talent
  • I don't see Vaccaro being there at 17... safeties are being valued in this new NFL and his stock will rise ... Mark Barron went top 10 last year didn't he to the Bucs ... if they would take Vaccaro at 13 and pair hiim with Mark Barron would be great
  • Pass Rushers - None of the elite ones will be there at 17 and we have young guys on the roster that were "steals" when we drafted them... I'm tired of "Steals" if were not going to get an elite one stop wasting picks ... and by the way Sio Moore has a 3rd round grade especially after the East/West and Senior Bowl, He is a decent pass rusher with good potential and he can actually do a decent job dropping back in Zone, this kid is a player and whoever drafts him is getting a player that's for sure

I would replace Elam with David Amerson ... Elam scares me with his height, these bigger TEs will just use their body on him ... Amerson at 6'2 might not have the Elite Speed to play with the Top receivers but put him at safety and let him read and/or man up with these TEs and I love him and the way he attacks the ball
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