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Default Re: Officials gave that to the Ravens

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
That was an embarrassment IMO to the NFL to have a great game like that basically decided by the fact that officials refused to flag the Ravens.

I could care less who won that game... but IMO it takes the enjoyment out of watching. I do find it a little odd that every call or non call was in the Ravens favor. And these were BIG moments of the game to...

kick returned for a TD.... watch the replay... two ravens grab hold of a 49er and mug him...right in the middle of the field and totally prevent him from making a play that would have likely prevented that return. TD should have been negated. Yea I know holding can get called on every play...but when the play happens because of a hold... it needs to be called.

The Raven's got several generous spots...they did challenge one but it wasn't the only one.

Most importantly the last offensive play by the niner's.... could have called that illegal contact, holding, pass interference... take your pick ...either way it was blatant and right in front of an official. Should have been 1st and goal with about 1:30 left on the clock.... game over niners win.

The the relay..... maybe the most laughable non hold I've ever seen.... The only reason their kicker was able to burn so much time...the Raven's practically tackled a niner .... should have been holding....10 seconds back on the clock I think?
lol no one cares about your sour grapes man, there was a missed PI call on Torrey and the momentum was completely destroyed in the second half when the power went out. BOTH teams got bad breaks, and if you think there is a conspiracy or we're lucky. . . well, tough shit, the Lombardi went to Baltimore this year.

Come back next year and root for your team, your tears aren't going to do anything.

EDIT: Watching the highlights, that ticky tack running into the kicker play. . . the missed roughing the passer call on joe when he is throwing the ball awya and is hit after going out of bounds. . . yea bad calls on both sides, take off the blinders and stop drinking the haterade.

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