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Default Re: Power Outage...Really?

Originally Posted by AndyWitmyer View Post
Deja vu. So, again...we have a suspicious blackout during, this time...THE most important game of the year...and the 2nd in as many years that this has happened...both times involved the 49ers! hatever you think of Baltimore, as a Steelers fan...this has to seem a little too familiar. I mean seriously, at this point, I gotta ask: if not Goodell, the SF organization ought to be investigated. Regardless, the odds of the SB going into OT and/or being decided by a margin of 3 pts or less appear to far better than you'd assume, given that the Raven's lead was essentially insurmountable, prior to the outage.

I fully predict that the 49s will win by 2 points in the biggest SB upset in sometime, I dunno - maybe ever?

Check the stats from both teams pre-outage...and then post-outage. The degree to which the momentum changed is striking...and I would say, nearly astronomically unlikely. This should be seriously investigated.
I said the exact same things to my wife during the power outage.

Too coincidental for my taste... although, the comeback made me happy.
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