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Default Re: Ray Lewis should have to watch the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
No he's really not. You can't put him in the same category as those guys. Nowhere close. He lost to Charlie mutherfuckin batch. He just got hot at the right time. He's not elite and anyone who says so is delusional
Bullsh*t. Batch got lucky and he's a has been. Flacco rose to the top and beat all the best QB's. He endured to the end, something that Ben, Brady, & Manning could not do. It's not he who starts the race, but who finishes, and Ravens did. Read this forums posts. You contradict your own statements about him. H won the SB and is elite. He brought us to the playoffs and now all they way. Your argument holds no water. Batch won one game against us, don't even begin to compare him...
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