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Default Re: Hines Ward sucks!!!

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
Jack Ham "The Winged God of Linebacker Coverage" was exposed as mediocre when he allowed a completed pass by vince ferragamo in SB XIV. I'm not going to be satisfied with any performance that nets more than 0 yards for the opposing offense. F

The exceptionally average Jack Lambert, the original Donger himself, padded his stats with cheesy stack jumps and DongŪ sacks. Stay tuned for the LambDong report to expose this $10M fraud
What a worthless website that is. I started visiting it back in 2001, and even then I thought they were a bit too negative about the team relative to its performance, but I stuck around anyway because they had some in-depth analysis. They were dead to me the moment they started using the bullshit propaganda about the referees in Super Bowl XL because they couldn't stand the sight of Bill Cowher lifting the Lombardi Trophy. Bashing Cowher was their raison d'etre, and they couldn't do that anymore without showing the world how full of shit they are.

They're the inverse of Chicago's "Superfans." The Superfans celebrated the excellence of the Bears, and they remained optimistic even if they made delusional proclamations about the team. What our "Stuperfans" do instead is shit all over the team for not living up to their delusional expectations of perfection. If they can't even be happy when the Steelers win the goddamn Super Bowl, then they're just a bunch of fucking hateful assholes, and I'm embarrassed to be associated with them.

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Now, THAT is how one writes a post.

I was expelled from that certain website, for celebrating XLIII... when, obviously I should have been bashing LeBlow.
Oh yeah, I forgot about all their petty, childish names for players and coaches that they don't like. I'll give them some credit, though: they're very fluent in HTML and French for a bunch of 10-year-olds. Fuck them and their stupid-ass website.
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