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Default Re: Why I wouldn't trade Ben for any other QB

I am looking for Ben to have a huge year next season. here is why:

1- second season under haley. Until he was hurt he WAS already having one of his best statistical year and we were 6-3

2- Our O-LIne on paper looks to be one of the better ones we have had in years. Lots of youth and decent depth.

3- The running game can only improve and if it does that will take a lot of pressure off Ben

4- Steelers will need to replace Wallace which means we have a chance to have a better ball catching WR. We loose taking the top off the defense (which barely happened last year) but hopefully gain a WR with more than one dimension.

5- The draft will be spent on Defense so if the defense improves with more turnovers and sacks we will get better field position to start drives

6- New Special Teams coach. If he is as good as we are hearing, again, better field position could come out of it.

You can never question Ben's will to win or toughness. he constantly plays hurt and two years in a row he came back early from injury with the potential to get hurt worse because the team needed him.

he is a super bowl winning quarterback and is the toughest quarterback since John Elway.
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