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Default Re: Why I wouldn't trade Ben for any other QB

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Ravens won with heart and grit - its not like we're talking back to back, dominating teams like the 80s 49ers, 90s Cowboys, or 2000s New England - team's that win on emotion usually are spent the next season.

I predict we'll be back in the playoffs and battling for a real shot at the division - 10-6 or 11-5 is going to win it next season.
The Ravens played a great game and even though they may not have been the "better" team, they played better than SF. Flacco caught fire this season and has proven himself as a good QB. Whether he'll be the "Elite" QB he says he is remains to be seen but he's headed in that direction and I hope he succeeds.

As for us, we had a lousy season -- it happens.
Ben is a proven winner and we certainly have the talent and it's really more about getting adjusted to a new OC and a different way of doing things than it is about falling apart or losing the edge..

As much as I'm not a Haley fan, I DO believe that he's certainly capable of putting together a solid offense and just as Ben has to get used to Haley, Haley has to get used to Ben and that will iron itself out eventually.

Every team stinks the place out now and then and this was our year for that.
So now it's officially over, it's time to look ahead and I think we're certainly a contender and I have no reason to believe otherwise. And if Cincy and Baltimore are on the rise I think that's great -- the competition will do us good and make us better!

I can't wait for September!
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