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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
Ben has never played in a Superbowl the way Flacco played yesterday,
Ben has never been voted SB MVP and didn't deserve it either.
That's for on-the-field criterias

Now, let's talk about off-the-field criterias
Flacco doesn't run his mouth the way Ben does
Flacco hasn't been accused of 2 sexual assaults

After this season, Flacco ranks ahead of Ben, no question. Career wise? Ben still has an edge but it's not a big one and the gap is narrowing very quickly.

Oh, and whoever ranked Ben #2 QB at this point needs to pass around what he's smoking.
Agreed about running his mouth - Flacco had major issues with Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator but did not engage in the constant passive-aggressive bullshit like Ben did with regard to Arians and Haley- Ben should have focused his efforts on telling the Young Money WRs to shut up and play, but if the veteran QB has a me first attitude the younger players are going to follow that attitude

And Flacco has never missed a snap - injuries are freaky but a starting QB not missing games every season counts for something

Flacco had a great post-season - based on both current performance and age Ben needs to step it up to be regarded as the best QB in the AFC North
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