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Default The truth really hurts here....FLACCO > BEN

I guess Steelers Nation is not all about objectivity, or at least certain members.

Edman's thread about Joe Flacco surpassing Big Ben got closed by the admins here-- not for any good reason other than the fools reading the thread are unable to stomach the content without throwing up in the backs of their mouths.

Not one of the people who showed up to flame Edman for his honesty bothered to even address any of his points he made in his post-- all they did was attack Edman for stating what they did not want to hear-- that Joe Flacco is now the BEST QB IN THE AFC NORTH. All they did was to launch a flurry of personal attacks against the poster who had the gaul to point out what everyone has already seen with their own eyes.

Joe Sacko - Playoff Stats thru 13 Games
207 of 373 (55.5%), 2672 yds, 19 TDs, 8 INTs, 86.2 rating, SB MVP (1 for 1)

Big Ben - Playoff Stats thru 14 Games
248 of 409 (60.6%), 3150 yds, 20 TDs, 17 INTs, 83.7 rating, SB MVP (0 for 3)

Ben has failed to get to the postseason with anything less than a top ten defense backing him up. Flacco did not need huge plays, pick-6's from his defense, and special teams plays to get him to his wins or his SB MVP nomination (which he surely deserved, if you watched any of the Raven's playoff run).

Much as I hate to say it-- Flacco has surpassed Big Ben. He carried his team through Denver and New England, and made it so the NFL had to shut the game down to give the 49ers a chance to get back in it.
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