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Default Re: Why I wouldn't trade Ben for any other QB

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Or Greg Cook, Bill Kenney, Don Majkowski, Scott Mitchell, Erik Kramer, or any number of one hit wonders that teams overcommitted to and got burned by.

We know what we have in Ben for the next 3-5 years, I'd rather not trade away a chance at another Lombardi for a guy who's played a handful of games.

BTW, had Ben gone 16-28 with a pick and left his team at the 7-yard line at the end, he'd be getting crucified.
I'm willing to bet that if we get back to the SB, Ben will see all the missed opportunities that Kaep did not.

BTW - anyone notice Moss taking plenty of plays off and slowing up when traffic was coming? They really only played with 2 receivers all game - Crabtree and Davis. The damn fullback was the most effective by the 2nd half.

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