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Default Re: 2013 Opponents & Early Predictions

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It's too early to make predictions without seeing how the offseason goes. However, I like how you broke it down and made a lucid argument.

Now, if we address RB, OLB and our offensive line stays healthy, we're the best team in the AFC. Easily. Did you guys see how truly mediocre the defenses were in the playoffs? Broncos, Texans and 9ers defenses looked absolutely average. If we can get healthy and productive again (Woodley, lookin' right at you bro) and address the glaring holes on defense (ROLB, S) then we're going to have the number one defense in the NFL again. There was a lot of bitching and complaining about our defense this year and I'll admit, I was guilty of some of that too, but looking at those supposed 'vaunted defenses', it was really eye-opening. Even at our worst, we weren't as bad as Houston was vs. the Patriots.

We just need our offense to buy what Haley is selling and stay healthy. It's not rocket science. If we're able to accomplish that and draft well and acquire a legitimate running back (Lacy, Gillislee, Lattimore or Bernard) we're going to, again, be in the championship hunt with a bye in the first round.
Yeah, we had some bad luck this year and still wen't 8-8, we could be a great team next years, just depends on how the ball bounces,and footballs are oblong so it's hard to tell how ones going to bounce

*shuts off sports center*
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