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Default What a victory!

Joe Flacco, 9-5 and Superbowl not ELITE ENOUGH FOR YOU?


This year..

John Harbaugh > Jim Harbuagh

Joe Flacco Superbowl MVP > Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick!

Dedicated to all my folks in San Francisco for the morning after they came down to REALITY (what did they think a young and inexperienced team with a young and inexperienced QB would actually win the big dance? Were they SERIOUS?!) ..

Ravens football is about LOVE and true RESPECT. We won against three of the best teams in football because we loved the game, we loved our fans, and we had love and respect for our opponents. The haters gossip and mash their teeth but for what? What does all the hate get you? NOTHING. What does love get you? A SUPERBOWL WIN! So lets see, Broncos were 8.5 favorites, New England were 8.5 favorites, even Niners were 3.5 favorites.. what happened there? A lot of silly people lost a lot of money

Don't doubt the Ravens, we LOVE this game enough even to respect our own losses. We TRUST in GOD enough to be thankful for just the opportunities to play. WE are the team folks should bandwagon on, not a bunch of over-hyped hater teams. I am sorry to Denver, I saw y'all fans crying on the TV and YouTube, that was us Ravens and myself last year. We've been there, that is why we respect you. My hats to New England, you had a phenomenal season. The unfortunate reality is so did Ravens. To the Niners? Y'all are just a young football time, which scares me. We will see plenty of y'all in the future. Then again, not if Alex Smith EXPLODES in Arizona

Hey Moss?Jerry Rice called laughing hysterically that you thought you were better than him, even Tony Gonzales is snickering on that one. Hey Culliver? How are you going to be such a bonehead as to openly and unrepentantly DISS part of your OWN FAN BASE? That was embarrassing, they jinx themselves all media week with silly trash talking. Maturity goes a long way. Ravens used to be the same kind of immature team until John Harbaugh came around, hopefully Jim can bring similar discipline to their lockerroom.

Ed Reed. YOU GOT ANOTHER PICK IN YOUR HOMETOWN AT THE SUPERBOWL! CONGRATZ to one of the ALL-TIME greatest safeties. Ray Lewis you finished on top like Elway, such a rare fate which can only come from the Grace of God. Folks just hate because they don't know you, they don't relate to your struggle, but I can, and folks like us know whats up to be like Joseph in Egypt. GOD prevails, destiny and blessings are revealed. What will the NFL do with out our own Jesse Jackson?
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