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Default Re: Big Ben vs Joe Flacco

Flacco is a good starting quarterback. I remember after his 2nd year I really felt worried because "oh crap, Baltimore actually found a half decent quarterback, first since air Mcnair"(who was questionably washed up by the time they got him). Flacco has a much better supporting cast in front of him though. When the Ravens picked up Boldin from Arizona I believed he was the best receiver in the NFL at the time. He had more yards than Fitz on that team, and was taller, more athletic/physical. I was shocked with how un-spectacular he played in the last couple of years and he really shined these playoffs. Baltimore also had a quality running back in Ray Rice, and an O-line that played outstanding in the big game against a defense that sent pressure a lot (something Ben hasn't had since his first years). Combine that with a tough defense and you can easily see why the Ravens made and won the Superbowl.

Saying all that, I can't stand the fact that Flacco won the MVP. He probably deserved it playing a stellar game, but I was really hoping Jacoby Jones was going to get it after that huge runback to start the 2nd half. I shudder to think if Baltimore somehow lucks into another Superbowl in the next decade, and wins. Flacco would probably be considered before Ben for HOF contention. That would be disgraceful seeing as everyone knows that without Ben, Steelers wouldn't make it past an AFC championship game. In my opinion Ben's 2008 Superbowl drive is the greatest drive ever played in the NFL.

I'm hoping Ruthlessberger won't take Flacco's MVP laying down and will make his own case next season.
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