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Default Re: hawk believer- sonics question?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
word is they may be using the age old ploy of leaving town. while it is unlikely to happen how do the locals feel of n. mcmillan being let go? has it hurt their fan support? sonics are my team going back to payton and kemp, which was always my favorite duo, and a big time fan of mcmillan as player and coach. whats going on? im still bugged by g. karl in denver and g. payton with every other team hes played for.
Holy delayed responses Batman! Sorry TC, I haven't been ahnging out here much latley and I missed this post till now. So the Sonics.... Where to begin.....

So Nate McMillian (Mac-10 ro Mr. Sonic) is hired to be head coach a few years back. Depth isn't so hot and the team is oft injured. Nate is a hard ass and really cracks down on the team. He is all about defense. If people try pulling any primadonna crap, he benches them. The players aren't neccessarily big fans of this, but they probably overachieved under his tutelage. To the point where the Sonics went to the 2nd round of the 2005 playoffs and played the eventual champs really well before bowing out with an injury ridden team in game 6.

During this season the Sonics did not nail down a contract with Nate. In steps Paul Allen, one time Microsoft exec and current venture capatalist with Tickemaster, Seahawks, and unfortunately the Trailblazers in his protfolio. He threw about 9 mil on the table for Nate. Howard Schultz, owner of Starbucks and the Sonics does not match. Buh Bye Nate.

The players inform ownership that they want current assistant coach Bob Weiss to be head coach. He is well liked. Schultz names Weiss head. While the team practices may have become more fun, last years second round playoff team was awful this season. The defense was nonexistant. As were wins. Weiss just wasn't the right coach to get the team to buckle down to play defense. Weiss gets fired before the allstar break.

Assistant and former Spurs Head coach gets named to be head of the Sonics. They really don't look any better at first. In fact, for much of the season, the Sonics were on track to completing the worst defense season in NBA history by some statistical measures. Sure, there were teams in the run and gun 80s that gave up more points. But no team had ever had a larger statisitical difference between the average points allowed of the current years' NBA teams compared to their own points allowed.

But Hill unloads some bad apples who didn't want to be playing in Seattle. Vlade Radmonivich being the biggest name. They brought in some guys like Chris Wilcox and Earl Watson who immediatly energize the team. The result? They started playing mediocre basketball. In the NBA, thats good enough to get in the playoffs. But not if you played terribly the first 3/4 of the season. So that is where they are now. they have a #10 draft pick.

Other news, the ownership has been feeling left out because they didn't get a brand neew venue like the Seahawks and Mariners did in the last decade paid for by the government. So no they want in. Only trouble is, they just had a big remodel done on the Key arena about 7 years ago. But it is the smallest arena in the league. And the Blaizers and SOnics both have the worst revenue sharing deals in the league with their arenas. So both are grumbling about moves. The Sonic lease is up in 2010. They are serious about moving. The local government has other priorities like affordable housing and repairing some bridges and freeways that will fall apart in the next major earthquake (we are due for a 2 minute 9.0 anytime. Course that could be tommorrow, could be 500 years from now).

The Sonics are getting serious proposals from some of the suburb cities surround Seattle. One is Bellevue,one is Renton. They would probably still call themselves the Seattle Sonics but technically play in another town. Kinda like Detroit really plays in Auburn Hills.

As for the golden years of Mac-10, the Glove, and Kemp. We miss em too. I kinda hope Gary gets a ring with the Heat and can retire. Even if that means Shaq gets another one.
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