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Originally Posted by RavensNumberOne View Post
I'm just passing through unashamedly to gloat. I've had many ups and downs so I wanted to celebrate. Hey, my teams don't have so many Lombardi trophies lying around we can't count them on a single hand like y'all, let the underdawg get it every once in while yo ;)

Plus Steelers fans are being poor sports and obnoxious about it, like how long it took Flacco with a SB win. How long did it take Elway? Oh right, he had to LOSE a few Superbowls. Flacco has won a play-off game in EVERY one of his starting seasons since a rookie. He has more road wins than any other QB in post-season history, he just beat two of the best QBs IN HISTORY, ON THE ROAD, AND DIDN'T THROW A SINGLE INTERCEPTION TYING WITH JOE MONTANA FOR 12-0 in the post-season. GROW UP.Facts don't lie, Flacco is elite by every single measure, period, and you and all the other haters just look silly right now, a bunch of sour grapes.

Hey I dig it, Steelers-Ravens is a sick rivalry, and I wouldn't DARE root for Big Ben in another Superbowl, HOWEVER, I know what kind of calliber player he is, I know what calliber team Steelers are, and so we RESPECT THEM. All I ask is you respect what Ravens have accomplished, because the rivalry has just effectively been equalized. Since Ravens came to Baltimore we got TWO Superbowls to match the TWO that Steelers got in that same time period. We're also 14-7 in the post-season and y'all are 14-8 since 1996 ;)
I would respectfully suggest that coming by to gloat is not going to get much respect for the Ravens - to the extent you feel a need to troll speaks more about your own insecurities about needing to be "respected" than Steelers fans being "poor sports"

As far as being one of "the haters" I posted this earlier today here

A lot of life is out of your control (what if Archie Manning had played for the Steelers and Bradshaw had played for the Saints in the 1970s - who would be in Canton then?) - if the Denver DB does not have a brain freeze at the end of regulation the question asked about Flacco would not be whether he is elite but whether the Ravens need another QB to win it all

But instead Flacco had one of the best QB post-seasons in NFL history

Questions I Never, Ever Thought I Would Have to Ask for $200, Alex

Did Joe Flacco just have the best playoffs of any quarterback we've ever seen?

Not joking. This is a conversation that absolutely needs to be had. The Flacchise has numbers that place him into that discussion, and if anything, the numbers might underrate how good he's been during these playoffs.

Let's start with the numbers, though, because they're staggering. Flacco finished the postseason having gone 73-of-126 (57.9 percent) for 1,140 passing yards with 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Eleven to zero. Only one other player since the merger has produced a touchdown-to-interception ratio equal to or better than that in the playoffs, and it's a guy who has a pretty sterling postseason reputation: Joe Montana.

Montana's 1989 season pretty clearly stands out to me as the greatest postseason run since 1970, but I've gone ahead and listed some other notable Super Bowl–winning postseasons that might put Flacco's big January into context:...

The article has a chart tat i could not cut and paste

Whatever adjectives you want to attach to Flacco are a matter of personal preference. I just know that there are a lot of "elite" quarterbacks who will never have a playoff run as good as the one Joe Flacco just delivered — and that labels often find themselves obstructed, for better or worse, by the Super Bowl ring on a quarterback's finger.
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