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Default Re: Open letter to Niners fans

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Yeah. I knew it when I saw it that it was intentional holding by the entire team. Very smart call as there would have been no penalty for doing it. Still a little shock why they wouldn't throw the flag though. When the whole line is basically tackling or bear hugging their man right in front of all the officials and not one of them throws a flag makes you wonder what the hell they are even doing out there.
Well, the really interesting thing would have been if Koch had thrown a pass out of the endzone at the end of the play (never in a million years would he, but just speaking hypothetically that would have made that play really controversial).

Thinking back, I believe if Koch had attempted/completed a pass after burning clock hiding behind the holds you would have seen the flags come out. As it happened, a flag was really not going to make any difference. By rule, they can't put time back on the clock for holding in the end zone. The penalty for holding in the end zone is already a safety, the 2 pts is supposed to be the punishment.

I think the competition committee may even take a look at this and make the penalty 2 pts OR put time back on the clock and make them rerun the play, which would take away the advantage of using a penalized hold to run out clock on 4th down. For this year though it was a great coaching decision by JH in my opinion, curious what you all think.
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