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Default Re: Open letter to Niners fans

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post

I think the competition committee may even take a look at this and make the penalty 2 pts OR put time back on the clock and make them rerun the play, which would take away the advantage of using a penalized hold to run out clock on 4th down. For this year though it was a great coaching decision by JH in my opinion, curious what you all think.
it WAS a great call by asshole #1 cause it showed he knew the rules and put thought into every possible scenario, and maximized every possible outcome in his favor. the worst thing that coulda happened was a kick return which coulda happened just as easilly on a punt.

im sure asshole #2 told him "good call" after the game (or today/tomorrow) as well.

the competition committee will have no choice but to look at it, but what is the solution? probably a safety and the opposite of the "15 second run-off" rule.
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