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Default Re: 2013 Opponents & Early Predictions

What makes anyone in Pittsburgh hopeful for the next season (not including crystal meth)? Steelers can't draft worth squat, no running game, a wreck of an offensive line that can't keep the QB upright (who is looking pretty fat nowadays and has lost a step), half the defense over 34 and retiring or getting cut, a gimp SS that can't stay healthy, and average coaching at best. What makes anyone here think all these people will take huge paycuts to stay with the Steelers if moron teams like Oakland will pay them six or eight million for a single year (albeit the Ravens will have a serious decision to make about Reed and how much he is worth for one more year as he is not the player he once was now (thank you Father Time you bastard))? These players have a small window to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible because the cash flow dries up after 36 now. I predict right now the Steelers do not make the playoffs next year. However I also don't think the Ravens will repeat as champs (playoffs easily, but SB a lot tougher). TOO MUCH competition in the AFC and you will have both Manning and Brady playing like men possessed. They each desperately want one more ring. Maybe Houston gets its act together on offense. Cincy is still on the ascent and lets see what Luck can do in season 2 in Indy. Ravens and Bengals will fight for number one in the division.
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