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Originally Posted by The Curtain's Crusader View Post
Going out on top can only be credited to the "Grace of God"? Ok!

And I suppose God is a Ravens fan?
Yes he is!

Peyton Manning, after living a full life, died. When he got to heaven, GOD was showing him around. They came to a modest little house with a pair of faded Colt's and Bronco's flags in the window.
"This house is yours for eternity, Peyton." said GOD. "This is
very special; not everyone gets a house up here." Peyton felt special,
indeed, and walked up to his house. On his way up to the porch he noticed
another house just around the corner. It was a 3 story mansion with a Purple and Black sidewalk, a 50 foot tall flagpole with an enormous Raven logo flag, and in every window, a Raven towel. Peyton looked at GOD and said, "GOD, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have a question. I was an all pro QB, I hold many NFL records, and I even won a Super Bowl." GOD said, "So whats your point Peyton?" "Well, why does Ray Lewis get a better house than me?" GOD chuckled and said, "Peyton, that's not Ray Lewis's house, it's mine!
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