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Default Re: 2013 Opponents & Early Predictions

Flacco will not get 20 million. It has been standard Ravens practice to Franchise the big guy up for contract renewal. Reed, Suggs, Ngata, and Rice have all been franchised before. He will be franchised. They also want to see how well he does this coming year. Just to make sure this wasn't a fluke. He wants top QB money he needs to show what he can do. Cap room freed up by Lewis' retirement (Matt Birk probably as well who has probably too big of a salary as it is) and we have just two big names to sign on D (Kruger and Ellerbe). Pitta is restricted so he needs to be resigned as well. C. Williams is gone (emergence of C. Graham big reason). Reed will have to play for peanuts (maybe with a big bonus) if he wants to stay with the Ravens. Boldin will be back. Thats a fact. Ravens draft, we don't need free agency.

BTW In regards to us lucking out on not facing BB you should blame your lousy offensive line and substandard RBs for not being able to protect your QB. He gets hit so damn frequently of course he is going to miss a lot of games. BTW Who gets beat down and punked out in jail? Rapists who can't keep their hands to themselves or guys who stabbed two guys fucking with him (although the proof isn't there)? While we are airing dirty laundry your ghetto trash James Harrison let his dog literally rip his kid's face off. Doesn't know how to properly take care of either a child or a dog. Pathetic.

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Why don't you pay Flacco 20 million and watch your team fall apart at the seams? You know, because the Ravens are already in cap hell and paying an average Quarterback 20 million dollars a year pretty much voids free agency, including keeping Ed Reed and the loss of leadership in Stabby-McMiddle-Linebacker? Ignoring the fact that Boldin will have to be cut in order to pay said average Quarterback, the offensive firepower isn't there. Do I have to remind you that Charlie Batch made your secondary look like absolute clowns? You're lucky you didn't have to run into a healthy Roethlisberger this year - it would've been ugly.

I think you have more important things to worry about than posting about our situation for next year. Run along and celebrate your Super Bowl victory but I hope you savor it - it'll be another 12 years before you're back. Don't worry about the Steelers - there's a reason why we bent you over for a decade straight and will continue to do so.
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