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Default Re: Now that the game is done...

Cuts, Harrison for sure, or he gets a major pay cut. We all know how sensitive Mr. Harrison is about his money ( he's tighter than Jack Benny, and squeezes his nickles till they squeak) money. I'm sure somebody will make him a 2 year contract in the $ 4mil a year range. Woodley, Roethlisberger, and Brown will be restructured ( salary advance).

The saving cutting Kiesel is minimal, I think he stays. Hampton is a goner. Colon will save us some, but also will leave behind some dead money hit next year.

Thats' about it. Make no mistake, there are going to be new faces on this team for 2013, and even more 2014-2015. A good many will be FAs brought in at discount rates. Heaven help us from a quality standpoint.
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