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Default Re: Mike Wallace turned down $10 million a yr deal from Steelers

Originally Posted by wwhickok View Post
He has already said in not so many words he wants to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald. The thing is I would rather HAVE Larry Fitzgerald. I DON'T think he is going to get $10M a year elsewhere.
and for those thinking the Snyders and Jones are going to pay him - just remember, Snyder finally took the reigns off of Shanahan and let him start making some better decisions and Jones is ready to knock down their roster and rebuild. Will Mike find a job? Sure - but if he gets paid more it will only be slightly better than that and very likely only 60-70% of that.

The Patriots will absolutely not pay Wallace that. They have to settle with Welker if they even can and Welker is head and shoulders a better player (all around football player) and has a better work ethic and attitude.

Why the hell would the Ravens over pay for a guy like him when they get so much out of the SB winning corp they have. Sure - they might not be able to keep them all due to Flacco's contract - but now they have the strategy to win without cashing out for it.

Wallace will either be with a bottom feeder, with Arians in Arizona, Colts, or maybe even go to GB where Rogers (Jennings might be gone)and his coaches will NOT put up with his shit as much as Tomlin and co have. After his next team at this rate, Wallace might just find himself out of football.

I would L_O_V_E a Greg Jennings on our team. He is still fast and has waaay better route running abilities and will fight for the ball.
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