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Default Re: Mike Wallace turned down $10 million a yr deal from Steelers

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Hard to say how Hines being around would have changed matters - by the end of 2011 Hines was the #5 receiver in terms of ability and keeping him around as a player-coach-motivator for what he wanted to be paid would have been tough if he could not lead by example on the field - at some point your younger players need to step up without adult supervision - some younger players assume that role as the next generation of leaders (Ward, Smith and Porter for the Steelers after 2001) and some do not (Burress). Wallace did not.
Personally, I think the Steelers gave up on HInes way too early. I didn't say anything about it then, so I am not going to play the hindsight professor role here.

But seriously, he had a descent season in 2011, and then we came back from the lockout and suddenly he is over the hill? The long offseason and lockout did not benefit any teams or players, but I don't think guys go from productive to dead weight in a few months.

He spent the summer on dancing with the stars and whatnot. I am sure if he worked out again, he could have been a contributor still. They just did not want him around anymore because he did not fit their "young money" speed-influenced scheme.

These young punks seriously need Ward there to regulate. Remember how he made Mendenhall tote a ball around with him his rookie year after his first case of the drops? He could have setup a lockerroom rule that everytime someone throws the ball to Wallace and he doesn't catch it, he has to pay them $100.

If the Steelers make an offer to Wallace, I wonder what they would put on the table now, after the season he had. I doubt it would be the $10 million they seem to have offered at the start of the year.
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