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Default Re: 2013 Opponents & Early Predictions

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Flacco will not get 20 million. It has been standard Ravens practice to Franchise the big guy up for contract renewal. Reed, Suggs, Ngata, and Rice have all been franchised before. He will be franchised. They also want to see how well he does this coming year. Just to make sure this wasn't a fluke. He wants top QB money he needs to show what he can do.
You're a goofball.

He just took you to the SB and was named SB MVP. He doesn't have to prove anything anymore to your management. He will demand top money, and rightly so.

Even if you tag him, you will still have to shell out some money to keep a SB MVP QB around.

But is that money you should be spending to try and close the gap that will be left by a departed #52 or to resign Boldin. How much faith do you have in young Joe Flacco? Are you willing to sacrifice your defense to keep him?

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Reed will have to play for peanuts (maybe with a big bonus) if he wants to stay with the Ravens. Boldin will be back. Thats a fact. Ravens draft, we don't need free agency.
And if Reed does not take a huge paycut-- what does that mean for your defense? Who are you gonna find in the draft to replace BOTH Ray Lewis and Ed Reed? That would be some feat.

Enjoy your SB victory. I predict a 7-9 for you guys next year.

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
BTW Who gets beat down and punked out in jail? Rapists who can't keep their hands to themselves or guys who stabbed two guys fucking with him (although the proof isn't there)?
Doesn't really matter since Ray Lewis is the only one who almost went in the can.

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
While we are airing dirty laundry your ghetto trash James Harrison let his dog literally rip his kid's face off. Doesn't know how to properly take care of either a child or a dog. Pathetic.
No, the dog bit him on the leg, and Harrison was not home at the time, the babysitter was.

Enjoy your SB victory and your unibrowed fraqnchise player, it's back to reality for the Baltimore Browns next year.
"On the S-2-7 train"
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