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Originally Posted by wwhickok View Post
Yeah I know your kind. You think youre clever. I think he should just have obeyed the law. The big difference is that the chick who accused Ben was liekly lying hence no charges. Lewis was charged with obstruction of Justice. The only reason he wasnt charged with more is because he followed his 'name'price and became a rat.
And I know your kind. You ignore the facts when it is convenient to your cause, and you say childish things like "We wont miss the murderer" when you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO PROOF THAT HE MURDERED anyone.

Which is why I said what I did. Nobody can prove Roethlisberger raped anyone, and it would be childish to call him a rapist. Same with Ray.

It is hypocritical to the extreme to pretend that Ben is some upstanding role model beyond refute, and then make idiotic statements like you just made.
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