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Default Re: If the Steelers put Ben on the trading block....

I woke up yesterday morning and asked my wife if this was Bizzarro World? Did the Ravens win the SB and is Joe Flunko actually a SB MVP?

Unfortunately, her response was "Yes Dear, I'm afraid so."

That was the end of my pain. Seriously Steelers fans, take a deep breathe and say the Ravens are reigning SB champs and be done with it already. They've had to do it twice in the past 7 years when we won and didn't ask for Flacco's head - just effing cool it with the what if's and why couldn't we's.

Tomlin is staying. Arians isn't coming back. Ben, who I have harped on since the last week of the season, is in fact a fantastic QB and in all realities both ours and alternate - he has a great shot of taking us back to the promised land - equally if not more possible with him than without him. Brees, Rogers, Manning, Brady, Manning are all sitting at home without a ring.


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