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Default Re: Baltimore and Pittsburg have something else in common

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
Injuries are part of the game, but my argument makes plenty of sense. As luck would have it, Haloti Ngata was the Raven who got hurt. He's one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. If the Raven who got hurt was, say, Courtney Upshaw, then the impact on the Ravens defense would have been less negative. In Chess, if you lose a pawn, so what? If you lose a knight, then it stings a bit, and if you lose your queen, then it stings a lot. The 49ers are lucky the Ravens lost one of their stronger Chess pieces. That enabled them to get back in the game as quickly as they did.
You gotta play with who you have. Maybe Ngata woulda got a stupid roughing the passer penalty and extended a 49er drive that changed the game. As luck would have it, Ben got hurt so the Steelers missed the playoffs and the Ravens won the SB.
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