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Default Re: 2013 Opponents & Early Predictions

On a serious note what is there to be positive about in Pittsburgh next season? Poor offensive line play, D getting a major overhaul, no running game and people have to start being worried about Big Ben's future. With the season on the line he blew it big two weeks in a row and cost the Steeler's a shot at the division and possibly playoff glory. His injuries are mounting and he doesn't look quite as mobile as before and once again even the most diehard Steeler fan has to admit the O line is a disaster with few signs of hope. Ravens playoffs next year easily, SB no. Too much competition in the AFC.

PS Harrison treated his dog like a pos which is why the dog bit his kid. Typical ghetto douche owning a Pitbull he can't properly take care and then pretending to be surprised when it attacks (being the trash Harrison is he was probably beating it and neglecting it). My pitbulls have never attacked anyone without me telling them to (especially children).

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
You're a goofball.

He just took you to the SB and was named SB MVP. He doesn't have to prove anything anymore to your management. He will demand top money, and rightly so.

Even if you tag him, you will still have to shell out some money to keep a SB MVP QB around.

But is that money you should be spending to try and close the gap that will be left by a departed #52 or to resign Boldin. How much faith do you have in young Joe Flacco? Are you willing to sacrifice your defense to keep him?

And if Reed does not take a huge paycut-- what does that mean for your defense? Who are you gonna find in the draft to replace BOTH Ray Lewis and Ed Reed? That would be some feat.

Enjoy your SB victory. I predict a 7-9 for you guys next year.

Doesn't really matter since Ray Lewis is the only one who almost went in the can.

No, the dog bit him on the leg, and Harrison was not home at the time, the babysitter was.

Enjoy your SB victory and your unibrowed fraqnchise player, it's back to reality for the Baltimore Browns next year.
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