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So by that definition the Ravens won 4 championships back before 1969. The superbowl era was not the start of the modern league championship. During the SB run there were three players that were still on the Ravens team that had played for the Browns. Three, one of them being the kicker (Stover). No coaches, no management. All different. Sounds like a total reboot. Other people claim the Ravens legacy should be that of the Baltimore Colts before they moved. If that was the case then they hold 4 championships as well. We are all comparing apples to oranges here. Even early Superbowls are in a different category than these are now. Back in the 70's when the Steelers and the Dolphins were dominating you stayed with the team you started with. There was no free agency. Into the 80's and even the early 90's you could expect problems if you wanted to switch teams. Some collusion between the owners is my thought on that, much like Baseball in the 80's. So a dynasty was much easier to build and keep together back then. And love or hate (don't care I wasn't alive yet) the 70's Steelers were a dynasty. However the NFL today is one of far greater parity and the era of free agency (and salary cap) has forever changed the game. In the current NFL it is far harder to win on a consistent basis than ever before. In the current era the number of SB's for the AFC North is 4; two for the Ravens and two for the Steelers.

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Is there anything lamer than acting like your victory was divinely inspired? I mean shit. I hate the Ravens but they earned that Super Bowl and that's more than many Ravens fans could say after SBXL about the Steelers. Another thing, Ravens fans need to stop using 1996 as a starting point. Your team wasn't an expansion team. You were moved in to Baltimore from Cleveland. I know the Browns 2.0 have the history and records but please stop acting like 1996 is the starting point of this because it's just revisionist nonsense.
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