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Default Re: Steelers need a #1 receiver...who?

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
Forget Bowe or Holmes. Steelers dont have the money for Bowe and they wont go back to Holmes off an injury.

I say take a flyer on Buress. he may not be a #1 anymore but he draws attention.

I agree with bringing Burress back, but unless the Steelers plan on spending the #1 draft on a wide receiver (who will not be what the Steelers need in his first year) they are still going to need that bail out receiver than Ben hasn't had since Santonio left.

Are Ben and Antonio Brown the only big expenditures on the Steelers offense and people expect the offense to be consistent? Seriously?

Joe Flacco wouldn't have a championship if the Ravens didn't have Bolden.

The Steelers wouldn't have beaten the Arizona if not for Santonio. Period.

The receiving corp is, like I thought coming into this season, missing the "consistent" threat.
Rebuilding the defense. Flacco's clean jersey says NOSE TACKLE is a position of need.
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