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Default Re: 49ers now have a Super Bowl blemish.

Originally Posted by JeromeBetties63 View Post
In other words you and the rest of your paranoid fan base are going to continue to believe in area 51, the grassy knoll shooter and an NFL conspiracy against the Ravens....thanks for clearing that up.
What the hell are you talking about? I said it was a bad call. It was . . . and Akers did a great job selling it. It is called a flop, and commentators laugh about it on highlight reels all the time.

Who said anything about an NFL conspiracy? If there is one it isn't very good, considering I just got back from the parade celebrating the arrival of the Lombardi. . .

When reading a post, try to slow down and sound out each word, if you jump to the end you will post stupid crap like this that makes no sense.
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