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Default Re: Open letter to Niners fans

Originally Posted by wwhickok View Post
You just contradicted yourself....IF they had called holding it wouldve immediately stopped the clock and it wouldve resulted in a saftey. Forcing the Ravens to have to punt with about 8-9the seconda on the clock possibly.

BUT the holding call that wasnt called....was blatantly defesnive holding. Which would/should have given the 49ers an automatic first down on the one.

Welcome to the world of tainted Super Bowls b****es ;)
Wrong, calling holding doesn't stop the play. In what game have you ever seen holding stop a play? It isn't a pre-snap penalty. Seriously, just think about what you said. If holding stopped a play you could use it to negate a sack. Know you QB is going to be tackled for an 8 yard loss and loss of down? Just commit a holding penalty and get the play blown dead before the sack can happen! The defense can't decline the penalty because the play was not completed, they have to accept a 10 yard loss. Boom, save the loss of down and keep the 2 yards.

Are you daft or just being intentionally thick in an ironic impression of a Steelers fan?
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