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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Can't wait to see how good he is without Boldin and Jones. $20 mil a year? Welcome to cap hell Baltimore.

And people suggesting he's better than Ben, shut up. Few qbs with as little talent as Ben have won as much as he has. Since 05 the worst offensive line in the league. Never had a legit number 1 except Plax for like four games in his first year (I love Hines but he's not a prototypical 1: height, speed etc), a few good years from Willie but not a great runningback past that, an offensive coordinator that didn't know shit about subtly and protecting him, and another that's too scared to take shots down the field when they have chances. Put Brees, Manning, Brady, Flacco (lol, would just love to see that) in Pittsburgh and Ben in any of their situations. He'd put up 5000 yards a year with 40 tds and consistently win 13 games every year with bunches of Lombardis.

He's good, no doubt. Brees money good? Nope. Brees isn't even deserving of that contract, let alone Flacco.
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