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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Congratulations. Why are you celebrating on the Steelers' forum? I'm fairly confident in saying that we didn't celebrate on your boards in '05 and '08. But, ya know, I could be wrong.

It's like you're trying to get the attention of Steelers fans. Well, Harbaugh was trying to get Tomlin's attention so I guess like headcoach like fanbase? Here's a tip, Ravens fans, we don't give a shit. We've actually won championships and don't have to celebrate like we're not going to be there again. But, stay classy Baltimore.
Amen. SMH fellow Ravens fans.

SteelersCanada: there were gloaters on our boards following your last superbowl run, I don't think any fanbase is immune over excited fans, most likely in the younger demographic who maybe have not seen a SB before.
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