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Default Re: Titus Young reportedly says he's better than Megatron

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Titus Young reportedly says he's better than Megatron

By Chris Wesseling
Around the League Writer
Published: Feb. 5, 2013 at 11:13 a.m

A week before the Detroit Lions officially released insubordinate wide receiver Titus Young, the Detroit News alluded to the possibility of serious mental and emotional issues.

"I have been told that the organization has pleaded with Young to get help," beat reporter Chris McCosky wrote. "They have set him up with therapists. He has not cooperated."

The first sign that Young's antics had become more disturbing than amusing was the revelation that he sabotaged his own offense by purposely lining up in the wrong spot. The second sign was going rogue on Twitter in an intentional effort to gain his release from the Lions.

Now we have a third sign that Young is detached from reality. In a Christmas conversation with high school coach E.C. Robinson, Young claimed to be every bit as good as fellow Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, the NFL's receiving yards leader in each of the past two seasons.

"He did tell me he thought he was just as good Megatron," Robinson told the Detroit Free Press. "I said, 'Come on, man. Who you talking to?' I said, 'Come on, you're as good as that guy? This guy is the real deal.' And he really believes this. And he was sincere about it. 'Ah man, I'm better than him.' I said, 'No you're not. Be real man. Come on.' So I don't know, I'm hoping for the best for him."

The Lions' scouts, as well as the personnel departments of the other 31 NFL teams, were well aware of Young's character issues coming out of Boise State. Perhaps the experience with the troubled receiver finally will lead to a tightening of the screws in Detroit.

-- lol? This guy does need psychiatric help if he thinks he's better than Calvin. This guy can't be for real. Either he's acting out because he needs some help or he's that immature and a bit of a headcase comparing himself to CJ. To be honest, I don't know which is worse.
Not sure being a cocky asshole rookie qualifies you for being mentally unstable, but I think it is hilarious that he told them he was better than Megatron and they told him to seek therapy.
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