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Default Jesus, Moses, and an old man....

...are playing a round of golf.

Jesus steps to the tee and hits the ball. it goes flying to the pond and lands ontop of the water. Jesus walks onto the water and hits the ball onto the green.

Moses steps up and hits the ball. it goes flying into the pond. Moses walkes down to the little lake, parts his arms and the waters separate. Moses walks down to the bottom of the pond and hits the ball onto the green.

the old man takes his shot, and his ball, too, goes flying toward the water hazard. right before the ball hits the water, a fish jumps out and catches the ball in its mouth. before the fish re-enters the water, a huge eagle swoops down and catches the fish in its talons. the bird flies off with the fish and drops it. the fish falls onto the green, the ball pops out and rolls into the hole.

Jesus looks over to the old man and says, "nice shot Dad, but would you quit f#ck!ng around and play some golf"?
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