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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

If he gets rid of the ball it potentially results in a turnover because his receivers are small and unwilling and unable to get open most of the time (no legit number 1 receiver) .Turning the ball over is worse than a sack. So he uses his natural ability to run around, avoiding tackles to allow his receivers to try to get open and complete balls. Understand?

Absolutely no shades on right now actually. This team is pretty mediocre. Ben's easily the best thing we have on it

And about Manning, I'm not denying he's great and a hall of famer, but he's certainly overrated by the media, and I'm assuming that's where you're getting your opinions from. The Colts were awful that year because the team was going downward for a few years beforehand, and him being a great quarterback that they relied on alot, couldn't cope with everything falling apart at once. Thus they had a bad season. And it wasn't really that bad tbh. They played hard the entire time with decent talent but just couldn't overcome all their holes.


Manning: Harrison, Wayne, Stokely, Clark, Thomas, Decker, Garcon (and not to mention the second best runningback of his era in James)

Ben: Ward, Miller..... uhhh, Cedrick Wilson? Nate Washington was alright here but nowhere near as good as he is in Ten. uhhhhhh, young money? The core who can't hold onto balls, get open, jump, fight for position, and routinely have retarded mental lapses?

But yeah, Ben's had "good" receivers. Name a number 1. Please, I'd love to know.

And stable HC lol. Tony Dungy isn't good enough for you? Not to mention how great Moore was as an OC. By the time Dungy was gone he was able to run the offense without any need of a good HC.
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